10 Designs That Will Have You Dancing On The Ceiling
The ceiling is commonly referred to, in the design industry as, the "fifth wall".  It is typically unnoticed, typically untouched, and it is typically flat and white. Ceilings however, are a great place to add texture and color, as well as to display your own unique sense of style. Here are 10 ceiling design ideas that will give your space a high-end look...

1. Paint It Black...or blue or green or red or any color you want!

Paint is amazing in the fact that it can completely transform a space by adding unexpected detail.  Whether you paint using a solid color, or stripes, or even a geometric pattern -  on the ceiling, paint instantly provides a dramatic effect. A little bit of color definitely goes a long way!

2. Wallpaper Is Not Just For Walls.

Wallpaper is a fast, simple way to create a pattern or texture on a ceiling. It can show personality, add flare, and it can quickly cover up cracks and other ceiling blemishes in an instant as well. Wallpaper can be playful, texture rich, whimsical, or striking. We'll leave that part up to you.

3. Where There's Wood...There's A Way.

If you are looking to add a rustic, natural feel to any room in your house - think wood. Wooded ceilings provide a cabin-like effect that is both warm and inviting. It can be used on arched, peaked, or flat ceilings and it is available in a variety of tones and textures. Reclaimed, new, old - it's all wood to us!

4. Beam Me Up Scotty...to the ceiling that is.

Wood beams have been in homes for centuries...and it's no wonder why - they are functional and fantastic. These rustic statements add an architectural detail that may be missing from a space. Beams come in a variety of finishes and types, and whether you use fake or reclaimed - it will look amazing.

5. How Do You Take Your Coffer?

A coffer is a sunken or recessed set of hollowed geometric panels in a ceiling. Used in ceilings for centuries, this decorative accent provides visual symmetry and an interesting design element to any space. Squares, rectangles, or octagons all work well to add depth and dimension to your ceiling. 

6. A Barrel Full of Monkeys.

A barrel, or ached ceiling, resembles a barrel cut in half - creating a tunnel-like atmosphere in your space. Completely transforming a flat boring ceiling into an architectural element, this curved feature generates a smooth, powerful impact and a high-end look.

7. A Little Tray Here...And A Little Tray There.

A tray or a recessed ceiling, creates a dramatic visual effect through the use of layered molding. This design technique gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, making a room seem more spacious by adding both depth and dimension. It also disrupts the flat ceiling look that most ceilings have.

8. Panels and More Panels.

Ceilings can quickly be brought to life using the warmth and texture of natural wood...and what better way to achieve this than to use panels? Whether it's left natural or painted, wood panels reinvigorate your ceiling by drawing the eyes upward to explore the space.

9. Fit And Trim.

More decorative than functional, trim enhances the character of a room by adding style and definition to your ceiling. You can create a grid pattern or design your own unique arrangement - it's your call. Decorative trim can add dramatic elegance to any space.

10. Rin-Tin-Tin.

Get the look of 1920's glamour by adding a little metal to your ceiling. Metal, tin, and copper will give your ceiling an authentic vintage feel with its traditional style and rustic design. By using metal you can restore the history of an old home or give old-charm to a new one. Historic. Nostalgic. Unique.

Author: Schimpf Construction
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